My top 5 family weekend activities

Sometimes I’m asked how I come up with ideas for blog post and it’s normally through everyday discussions or conversations and I think “that’s what I’ll write about!” Well on this occassion I was having a discussion with a friend who’s also a Mammy and we were discussing ideas for what we do at the weekends with the kids. Next thing we were saying “this would make a great blog post” as I’m sure a lot of parents are always trying to come up with new exciting ideas.

I love on a Sunday particularly to make time for the family. We now have 2 girls so I’m going to be busy and I’m sure as they get older they’ll be calling the shots and have loads of ideas. Aoibh is 2 since November and Doireann is only 10 weeks old so a young baby. At the moment we have a set few activities we know works and we are creatures of habit.

So my top 5 activities that we normally end up doing.

1. Hazelwood forest park Co. Sligo

This is about a 20 minute drive from where we live and it’s ideal for walking and Aoibh’s favourite activity is feeding the ducks! It’s also just so scenic and relaxing out there! So good for the parents too!!

2. Strandhill Sligo

We love going out to strandhill. There’s a gorgeous promenade and beach but more importantly it’s the food options that are ideal for a family. Shells and Mammy johnsons ice cream parlour being my favourites.

3. Mullaghmore Beach Co. Sligo

This is the most obvious and my ultimate favourites and its our local beach. We are blessed to have this beach on our doorstep can see from our house so it’s a great incentive to get out in the outdoors. Yes it’s weather pending but as long as it’s not raining we generally wrap up and get out. It’s great for our dog Lily too as she gets walked!

Nothing better than getting out in the outdoors then a bite to eat after! Mullaghmore offers all this and I love it for that reason.

4. Soft play!

This was a whole new experience for me with Aoibh as I never would have been in these places before but basically this is when the kids can run free!! Parents can chill talk and have a coffee. I love it for that reason. Aoibh is a huge fan as she meets her little buddies and wears herself out! She has great energy! I normally find she sleeps well after this. We are in a habit now of maybe going most Fridays; I’m taking full advantage of my maternity leave. It’s working out great and Aoibh loves it as a Friday treat. We are very lucky we have one in our local village Grange; five star fun and also funny bones in collooney co Sligo.

5. Glencar waterfall & cafe Co Leitrim

This is a little hidden gem that we enjoy goibg to especially on a good spring/ summer day. The lake is right beside the waterfall and it’s very nice scenery. What I most love about this place is the playground and cafe. As Aoibh plays away I can watch from the outdoor seating area. The food is fab too and the coffee!!

So that’s my top 5 ideas and places we like to go. Its also worth nothing I have some other general suggestions….

1. Farm days. Bring them to a local farm that can have lots of fun facilities on board.

2. Swimming pool. Aoibh partook in waterbabies and we hope to do the same with baby Doireann. Its a great way to get to know people and it’s a fun and healthy hobbie for them after. Most towns and villages have a local swimming pool so they can use this as a weekend treat.

3. Day at the zoo. Similar to the farm days… kids love seeing all the different animals and it’s a great days out for all.

Hope all the Mammys and Daddy’s (maybe) she enjoyed the read … if you got this far 😂

Sinéad x


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