Holiday with a baby/ toddler; tips!!

We are less than two weeks from going on a holiday abroad with our 18 month old daughter Aoibh. This will be our 2nd holiday abroad with Aoibh. I found last year very daunting initially with a 6 month old but careful planning meant all went accordingly!

This year she is that bit older but the same tips apply so said i’d share as this is something that crops up a lot in conversation with other parents!

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So what are the major things to bring….

  • Stroller (don’t bother with a pram a stroller is much easier for travelling and sufficient!)
  • Travel cot (some places provide but lots of parents like to bring their own light travel cot. We have one that’s so easy to carry and bring.
  • Car seat (may need to bring if you are getting private transfers/ renting a car).

*Useful to know most airlines allow two pieces of equipment free of charge

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  • Formula/ food/ bottles/ sterilising tablets
  • Bottles can be made in advance and are ok going through Irish airports.
  • If tight for space bring enough formula to do for 1st day or two and most brands aptamil etc can be bought abroad in local supermarket.
  • I love handy food pouches; Ellas kitchen and pip and pear are two such brands and I will definitely be bringing these with me! also Aoibh loves porridge in the mornings so will be brining the sachets with me that are microwavable.
  • Aoibh’s bottles don’t have to be sterilised anymore but for parents with young babies there is sterilising tablets available which are very handy for traveling and we used them last year!

Another useful piece of equipment is a baby carrier for young babies so handy for out and about during the day

The essentials:

  • Baby’s passport (if first time holiday order well in advance!!!)
  • UV protection; factor 50!
  • Nappies and wipes; can never have enough in general
  • Swimming nappies for the pool
  • Sunhats/ sunglasses; this really helps keep baby protected
  • Shield/ umbrella for stroller; our stroller has a big extendable hood which is very handy
  • Medicines (just a small bag of possible medicines that may be needed).
  • Swim float/ all in one swimsuit for the pool
  • Something from their cot to remind them of home; teddy/ blanket.

Also going pack plenty of light clothes for Aoibh; light cottons, sundresses, scandals, swimsuits, hairbands,

Also some other pointers;

Try keep baby in same routine as home. Aoibh naps for 2 hours a day normally 11 till 1 so we are still going to do this on holidays.

Walks in the stroller are great; get out and about!

Do what works for you and your baby; I know for example Aoibh loves her highchair at home and its so useful for meal times so I’m going to bring a portable high chair seat that sits on a normal seat with me. Not everyone would need to do this.

And most of all enjoy it all! Its about family time creating memories to last a lifetime 🙂 xx

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