Setting goals in a New Year

Happy new year to all! Lets hope 2019 brings us health and happiness. There is always time to start new habits or make changes for yourself. This was a post I started writing and was having technical difficulty (not the best starts to a new year 🙈) but anyway I have returned!!

A new year means new beginning. I always try to set goals for myself that are realistic and manageable for the year ahead. I do this as a focus and it gives great motivation. It can be something small or something big… but make sure it’s something you are passionate about.

I love this time of year as I believe it is a great time for change. I believe great opportunities can await and its a time of great hope.

As I mentioned previously in a blog post I’m a believer that small changes can bring about huge change and I would like to share some tips that I do at this time of year that I feel useful.

  • Set goals for the year. I’m a firm believer in setting goals. Make sure that the goals are achievable and that you have steps in how to reach them so you wont be disappointed. Think big goals, small goals and write them down.
  • Start a new diary/ organiser. This one is a must for me; all my close friends and family know I love getting organised and making plans for the year. Its a good idea to maybe have a separate diary for work vs personal.
  • Declutter your space!! This is a big one for me! The saying is so true “tidy house, tidy mind”! Well for me anyway! In relation to clothes; it can be a good idea to sort out according to the seasons and what I do from time to time is donate to a charity. You will feel so good for doing this.
  • Get healthier with a good nutrition plan! So we all probably feel that we need to kick start our healthy eating from time to time. For me this begins with a healthy food shop. I then try to start planning dinners for the week that are quick, easy and nutritious. I plan on sharing more and more recipes as the year goes on..
  • Along with a healthier food plan in place I would recommend exercise. I know it can be hard and the weather isn’t the most favourable but I always feel so much better after a 30 minute brisk walk (in between the showers).

*Lastly make time for You! I feel between work and being a mammy you can get caught up in a rat race so I try to take time out for myself. I love to walk the beach as I do say for “head space” or go grab a coffee. Also I plan on taking up some new classes this year.

* enjoy life as much as possible. I feel 2018 was a crazy hectic year building a house and adding to our family. So this year I want some calm! I just want to enjoy my maternity leave off and soak it all in. It’s the simple things in life that bring the most enjoyment.

These are just some of the changes/ goals that I have in mind !!

Hope you enjoyed the read x



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