Aoibh’s 1st Birthday 

So our baby girl turned 1!! 
Cannot believe how fast that year went! It’s been the best 12 months 💕 She has brought such happiness and her little personality is really starting to come through. 

Just had a little casual get together in our house to mark the 1st year. I really wanted to mark the day as her birthday was on the Sunday. 

I love doing DIY and I decided to do a few bits for Aoibh’s 1st birthday! I love Pinterest and got a few ideas from there! 

It’s useful to pick a theme or colours and I decided to go with gold and pink. I love craft shops and am lucky enough to have crafters basket in my local village and popped there to get some supplies! I got a gorgeous gold fabric and used this to cut out the number 1 and also to hang so of her pictures of her 1st year! 

Below shows a picture for every month of Aoibh’s first year 💕

Love this idea that we did! It’s to write a letter to the birthday girl and you give it to her when she’s 18! I’ve kept them all in a keepsake box and the box is filled with lots of hopes for Aoibh and predictions! I love the simple ideas that are sentimental and meaniful! 

We went with a Peppa Pig cake (of course!) 😂 she loved it all! 💕🎀 

The first year is definitely worth marking as she many milestones are made in the 1st year 💕 

For a birthday present we bought her a new trike! Weather pending we’ll be out and about it in very soon! She loves it! 

It was a very quick year and I’ve no doubt the next 12 months will fly too! Xx 


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